Wilkommen zum Camping in Kerry auf
Mannix Point (Mortimer’s)
Ring of Kerry, Irland.

Mannix Point Camping and Caravan Park - Gästebuch

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Gespielt von Terry Gordon

Hier ein paar Auszüge aus dem Gästebuch:

„We have been here for only a week and we feel that we have known you for a year.“

„I’m Italian, but I try to write in English (God help me!). The sitting room is beautiful, so nice, so lovely. The camping is wonderful too. Perhaps it is the most beautiful Irish camping site that I saw. The lovely bathroom. Beautiful music is played in the very nice showers.“

„Mannix Point is like Hotel California - ‚you can check out any time but you can never leave!‘ Every day was precious. Love and thanks to Mortimer!“

„English ou French? Perhaps a word in each langue? This endroit is très nice, tellement nice qu’on don’t want de partir. Bye bye and see you soon.“

„Mannix Point is a dangerous place. It traps you. I came for a night. I stayed for a week. My ferry leaves tomorrow. I’ll be back. I’ll definitely be back.“

„Ce camping était très sympa, avec les soirées où on se séchait autour du feu de tourbe. Avec la guitare, avec le banjo, avec les danseuses et avec Mortimer qui est très sympa. Salut !“

„I came for one night and stayed for five. None of us want to leave. The ‚craic‘ is mighty, the hospitality great. Thanks to Mortimer and his staff for a lovely time - God bless!“

„Mannix Point is unique, not only in Ireland, not only in Europe but in my experience in the world.“

„I’m writing this with a pen that was lost and then found. I’ve been here three days and I know how it feels.“

„Mortimer, thanks for all the information about all the interesting local sites. Especially about introducing us to a great new surfing location on the West coast. See you soon.“

„Thank you Mortimer. In the entire United States I have never found such a beautiful and friendly campsite. Evenings in the sitting room were happier than a pub and cooler than a pint of Guinness. I will never visit Kerry without a night at Mortimer’s.“

„I’m too happy here. I must wake up before the boat leaves.“

Please note: In the event of bad weather, we do not offer refunds.